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The Secret Trade Society is here to help you make a solid return on your investment. We use strict risk management only risking 2% or less per trade on your account. Allowing us to keep consistent returns coming your way. You also are not locked into any contract here we let our results keep you not a contract. Your money is also available to you to withdraw at any time. Since you open your own trading account and we just mirror trade your account. Meaning we connect it to our traders and it copies all their trades. We don't suggest withdrawing a lot because it will slow down your growth but you have the option. We want to offer you a new way to invest and speed up the growth on your investments. Below choose the size of account you want to start with to see how much the monthly fee will be.

Secret Trader Package

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Our Mission

Our Mission

The Secret Trade Society is offering true consistency within the marketplace with realistic projections. We are building accounts with integrity in mind offering people a lower end investment with a higher ROI.


  • How It Works?

    Our system is a mirror trading platform. Your account will be synced to our team of professional traders and when they place a trade your account will automatically place that trade as well.

  • Proven System

    With our expert traders consistently growing accounts, it's no wonder people are flocking to our system! We use Harmonics, Fibonacci, and Technical Analysis to get accurate trades.

  • Expert Traders

    With years of combined experience, our team of traders have been mentored by absolute legends in the trading industry. Let us take care of all of the chart analysis for you, leaving you in the perfect position to profit!

  • Easy Setup

    Very simple setup process to connect to our Professional Traders. Set it up once and forget about it. Our team of master traders will trade your account week after week without you having to do a thing!

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